How To Build Self Confidence Simply By Being Yourself

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build self confidence

If there is one thing absolutely every one in the world can benefit from, it’s the ability to build self confidence.

With self confidence, everything in life comes in easier plus its also easy for you to stay happy. Every one comes with natural gifts and talents. No one is deprived of their own gifts of birth. By building self confidence, just imagine what you will be able to accomplish with all the potential you already have that was nature’s gift to you. This easy will follow with unbreakable self confidence whether its in your career, dating life, achievement of any personal goals that you may have set for your self or just maintaining your body. There is no better way to polish your natural talents and skills and put them to use than to get a boost of self esteem working in your favor.

To enable you to do that, I am going to share this simple strategy with you, which was developed by the Greeks millennia ago and is still being used today just as effectively. It will show you how to build self confidence simply by being YOU.

First Step to Build Self Confidence is to Know Your self

If you want to understand how to build self confidence just by being yourself, the first thing you need to do is get intimate with yourself. Ummm, get intimate with your personality I mean… Get to know who you really are, what really matters to YOU, what YOU think of yourself and what you think YOU can achieve. Suffering from low self confidence is usually a product of placing too much weight on what others think of you, you begin to let exterior circumstances determine your self worth. I have been there not very long ago. I used to think too much about what others will think of  me and how my words or actions will be perceived. Due to this, I was in a constant state of self consciousness and could never be what I really am. I feared that I may not be accepted by the society and my friends but listen… once you accept who you are and begin to see the good in yourself others will automatically not only accept you, but they will even like you for being your own person.

build self confidenceSo this is what you do… start finding ways to turn off these distractions and begin to take more notice of what is really going on inside YOUR head. Start thinking about what YOU think about something and don’t try to figure out what the next person is thinking. What do you care what he/she thinks. There is an easy way to do this, you can ask yourself what is important to you and write down your thoughts on a piece of paper and then stick it to a place that will get your regular attention.

As you keep on working on this simple exercise, you will realize that building self confidence does not mean tat you try to become someone you are not. Rather, it a constant process of self discover and knowing who you are. Gradually, you should also begin to understand how your body works, how your mind works and you will begin to understand how complex your own thought processes are. In turn, this will help you restore a sense of wonder and awe about yourself.

As you continue on this journey of self discovery you will find that the better you understand yourself, the easier it gets for you to follow the second step on how to build self confidence.

Knowing how to Control Yourself is the Second Step to Build Self Confidence

Most people think that controlling yourself and your thoughts is putting yourself under restrictions and not be completely free. Nothing could be further from the truth. This kind of thinking also prevents them from being able to develop any kind of control over themselves. If you are at all serious about learning how to building self confidence then you need to learn how to focus and control your thoughts and your inner dialogue and this comes from self control.

Just as you can develop your body muscles by training in the gym, similarly you can develop self control by deliberate training. As you begin to exercise more control over your thoughts and actions, you become free to use them to achieve the things you want for yourself in life. As you keep on getting better at this, you will find it increasingly easier to build self confidence in yourself and in your own capabilities and you will be able to keep your commitments to others as well as to your self. Eventually, this will help you take the final step to build self esteem

Give Yourself to Build Self Confidence

Once you start practicing the previous two steps and begin to get better at controlling yourself and knowing yourself better, it is only instinctive to feel the need to use your new found belief in your self to help and make contribution to others. Having high self confidence is a great attribute that many careers seek. Any leadership position, whether it be a shift leader at a local convenience store or the CEO of a mutli-million dollar company, requires confidence. Earning a masters in organizational leadership can provide you the tools necessary to making a contribution to others.

The majority of people who are insecure are generally found to have the habit of withdrawing themselves from others due to something called “self rejection”. However if you an find a reason to help other people weather its your friends or anyone else, it will help you forget your own insecurities and hardships and lets you focus on things you are good at because that’s how you will be helping others. The need to contribute is spiritual and when you give in to it, it will boost your understanding of how valuable you can be to others and what you are really worth. This in turn will help you build self confidence.

As you keep on practicing the above steps, you will go closer to becoming your best self… the person that was hidden away in some corner of your heart. You knew it was there but you just couldn’t surface it. Practicing this simple strategy will make you an inspiration to others who are around you and you will come to represent the principals of how to build self confidence.