5 Easy Ways To Personal and Spiritual Growth

If you have decided that you want personal and spiritual growth for yourself, then you need to know that it is a lifelong journey which you should not stop halfway through.

You should also know that it is one of the most rewarding ones you could focus your attention on. In doing so, you will also want to develop your personality and you’d be in search of all the tips and strategies on personal and spiritual growth you can get your hands on. So I decided to put together some that I have found and have worked well for me. After reading, it would be great if you could take out the time and email me what you think about these and if they helped you.

So these are 5 easy tips you could use for personal and spiritual growth

Never Assume You Know it All

The first and foremost habit that you need to instill in yourself for personal and spiritual growth is humility. The first sign that your personal and spiritual growth has come to a stop is if you think that you already know enough about everything and you don’t need to learn anything anymore. The most growth in this regard goes to those who believe that they always have something new to learn and they harbor a constant and a huge appetite for new knowledge and information.

Balance Optimism with Critical Thinking

Positive thinking and optimism are getting a lot of big attention in the arena of personal and spiritual growth. But with optimism, comes something called over optimism where you are so positive about everything as a whole that you fail to analyze important details with a critical eye. So if you start looking at your projects and activities with a critical eye, you will develop sharp analytical  skills.  While it’s a good thing about being an optimist but not striking the right balance will make it difficult for you to recognize  the negative stuff around you that you do not want to get into.

Look for the Meaning in Nature

There is a writer by the name of C.S Lewis who suggests that a lot of our problems exist purely because we are too detached from the nature and its creations. I have found that to be true. Give it a moment and think about how much do you really connect with the bounties and creations of nature. How you are constantly surrounded by the man made materialistic world which provides no opportunity to even think about personal and spiritual growth. Going to hikes, camping, etc helps you connect with nature and these provide a truly spiritual experience.

If the only the only thing you did towards your personal and spiritual growth was to spend time in the great outdoors and study nature, you will find quite many inspirations to follow and implement in your life for faster personal and spiritual growth.

Take Care of Your Body

The writers of the new testament say that their body is a temple. That, is not a religious statement entirely. If you do not maintain your body well and let it fall out of shape, it will not have the strength, drive and the focus to concentrate on any tasks outside of the usual everyday tasks. How ever when you do manage to keep your body in good shape, you are always full of energy and your bdy has the motivations drive to focus on specific tasks for extended periods of time. In such a state, its becomes very easy to work on personal and spiritual growth.


Have a Central Purpose

Now without a doubt, personal and spiritual growth is extremely rewarding, perhaps one of the most in life. However, its also very easy to get stuck in the trap of wanting to develop personally and spiritually just for the sake of it… and without any real main purpose. Setting a main purpose to follow will ensure that you do not get sidetracked by all the distractions that seek to keep you from your goal, while at the same time also give you the energy you will need to keep going even when things appear to be a bit downturn.

So those are my 5 tips for personal and spiritual growth. I hope you at least find a few of them helpful and that you can start applying them toward your own personal development.

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